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Product Design Internship at Intuit

Intuit is a company that sets out to empower prosperity and give people complete financial confidence through products such as TurboTax, Mint, and Quickbooks. All of my work with Intuit is under NDA, so I am unable to share anything until my work has been implemented in product or made public.


During my time at Intuit, I worked with the Core DIY Design Team, which works on TurboTax. I explored the future of tax prep and worked on a new experience for TurboTax users, created a mobile-native component library for the TurboTax app that will later be implemented by the Design Systems team, and led a prototyping workshop in Figma for the Intuit Consumer Group Design Team

What I learned:

Own the problem space - Throughout the summer, I presented design iterations to leadership team during design reviews. During these design reviews, there were often times where feedback didn't seem clear, and sometimes it was confusing to whether things said were direction or just food for thought. I learned that it is important to "own the problem space" because as the primary designers working on this project, we know the problem the best and can leverage this knowledge to help decipher feedback and determine what is best for the product going forward to ensure we are solving the problem in the best way possible.

Customers are key - Often times people say they are focused on the user, but don't always live up to that statement. Intuit is truly a customer-obsessed company. Throughout my time at Intuit I was inspired by their passion for their customers and delivering the best experiences that are backed by customer researcha nd insights. If you aren't pulling insights from your customers, it is almost impossible to create the right experience for them.

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